Dead Ends and New Beginnings

Last term, I seem to have got lost with experimenting and learning technical skills so much that my concept became weak and the media used to articulate what I was trying to say didn’t quite suit. I tried to make the concept and materials fit together in a way which was forced just because I enjoyed the making process and the idea of creating hyper realistic sculpture.

In a previous blog, I said, “There is an interest I have regarding objects and how they are temporary, but yet we assign meaning to them and become attached. I suppose I want to draw attention to materialism by preserving these objects in wax, we preserve them in our minds, but they are worn and battered in reality.”…

Bearing this in mind, last term I also took the module, Documentary Drawing, in which for my final project, I collected objects from my attic at home and drew them using sepia ink and wash. I plan to present these like museum artefacts, with plaques explaining what they are and the story behind them.

In preparation for this term, I visited the library and looked in the fine art section to see which books caught my eye and were of interest. The books I picked up were, “The Cultures of Collecting”, “The Sketchbook War” and “Trench Art- materialities and memories of war” . There seems to be a common ground with all these books, they are about history and story held within objects, which I think is the concept I was attempting to create the whole time.

The best way, it seems to me, to represent this concept would be through drawing, using the process which I have already been using in the documentary drawing project. So, it makes sense to continue these drawings in my studio practice and develop it further.


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