What I want to say

After experimentation with words under the skin, this is my desired approach. Instead of using objects under the skin, I am articulating my ideas through words. Words are powerful. Words stick. they aren’t something tangible, but they are real and hard to forget. I want to show my audience the importance of what comes out of our mouths.

I have more than one approach I could take:

  1. Collect information from others by asking words that they have never forgotten. This way, the research will be authentic, and so will the words. place these words under the skin of the wax hand to represent, like a tattoo, how permanent words are.
  2. write a short, yet to the point, sentence. something like:
    • “the words you said got under my skin”
    • “words leave a mark”
    • “i am constantly reminded of your words”
    • “words stick, words can hurt, words can encourage”
    • “you got under my skin”
    • “words can wound, words can heal”
  3. write the things that have stayed with me- make it more personal.


The first approach presents an issue: people find it difficult to answer such a deep and intimate question…

I have only collected one response so far:  “I love you, son”

although this is a good response, it does not work alone.

By taking the second approach, the viewer can interpret and reminisce their own words, it will make them think more. It will also require less time to interpret, giving more time to reflect on the problem its self.


I decided to sit and write things that came into my head, words that were said which had an impact of how i acted or how i thought of myself from that moment on:


I plan to use these words by placing them on the hand.


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