Further making process

All of the following experiments were done using paraffin wax, coloured using soft pastels and sculpted on a glass palette.

using reds yellows and some blues, I made a base for a finger.
using a paintbrush, layers were added to create a skin tone.
To make the nail, I calved away at the nail bed to reveal the pink tones, i then used uncoloured wax to make a nail and pushed and shaped it to create a cuticle.


Using the same technique as the finger, I began to meake the rough shape of a hand.
Layers of different colours were added to represent the fat, tissue and veins.
The same was done to the back of the hand, creating ridges where the knuckles and tendons would be.
Marks were scored where the wrinkles in the hand would be and a layer of uncoloured wax was painted in areas.
more wax has been painted on the back of the hand here.
The detail of one finger has been painted on and calved at to create a realistic texture.
all of the fingers have roughly been covered with skin tone wax


The arm has been extended and more detail has been added.
the red pigments on th palm of the hand were added using soft pastelm by dusting it on the surface and distributing with a dry brush, a layer of skin toned wax was then brushed on top, this gave the appearance of capillaries under the skin.
Here, I have made a larger patch of skin, like that in the experimentation phase.
By writing on tissue paper and then peeling away one layer of the tissue, i placed this on the wax then painted over with more skin tone wax. The tissue became transparent but the words remained, giving the appearance desired. While the wax was still warm, I pushed it around to create these eerie wrinkles.



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