Fine Art Year 2, Term 1

This term, I am using wax and sculpting in a greater size- life size hopefully.

I have been drawn to the translucency of paraffin wax, and how you can see objects placed in the wax to a certain distance. Tracing paper has a similar effect. I have experimented with this on my studio wall. Also in my studio is a candle from home, which my mom reminded me of when I told her about my idea, this has flowers which are preserved in a scented wax.

Artist Research:

here are some artists who practice hyper-realism. I have considered using a similar style for my sculpture, as the viewer can empathise easier with the subject.

Evan Penny‘s Hyper Realistic Sculptures

Marc Sijan – hyperrealist contemporary sculptor

The Creature and Portrait Sculptures of Mike Hill

here are some tutorials on how to cast using silicone- it can be left clear, but with colouring, the effect of the skin is very close to real life.

Moldmaking Tutorial: 2 Piece Hydrocal Plaster Mold For Silicone Casting

Casting A Silicone Head With PlatSil Gel-10 & PolyFoam

How to airbrush silicone: Painting with PlatSil Gel-10

Special Effects Tutorial: Hair Punching Tips

Here is Rebecca Stevenson‘s work, she uses polyester, wax and resin to create her sculptures. I love the delicacy she has achieved with the wax.


Here is some research into anatomy for sculpture

Sculpting a torso

Hands and Feet excerpt from DVD

Anatomy of the Rib Cage – for Artists


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